Note: amulets do not come in different sizes and fit all creatures, thus they always have the listed weight.

Name UnID'd name Weight Effect
amulet of luck 1s Increases luck
amulet of life saving steel amulet 1s Brings you back to life if you die of HP loss, vanishes on death
necklace of protection from touch attacks dirty necklace 1s Increases DV versus touch attacks
necklace of vileness crusty necklace 1s {Ch-10, Ap-10}, autocursing
necklace of strangulation 1s
periapt of fast healing wiry necklace 1s
periapt of wound foulness dirty necklace 1s Halts HP regeneration, autocursing
shard of elemental air fragile necklace 1s {Pe+8, Ma+8}, lets you see invisible creatures, allows you to fly over sea and mountains
shard of elemental earth heavy necklace 1s {St+8, To+8}, allows passage through walls and over water when worn, likely an artifact
shard of elemental fire scorched necklace 1s {Dx+8, Ma+8}, likely an artifact
shard of elemental water flexible necklace 1s {Wi+8, Ma+8}, allows free passage through water, likely an artifact
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