Listed DV, PV, and weights are for medium sized equipment of the lowest quality materials. Different sized items have different weights.

Body armor

Name Weight Base stats Base material
apron 80s [+0, +1] leather
chain mail 400s (-1, -3) [-3, +5] metal
clothes 60s [+0, +0] cloth
elven chain mail 10s [+0, +5] metal
leather armor 150s [+0, +2] leather
plate mail 500s (-3, -3) [-4, +7] metal
rags 100s {Ch-2, Ap-4} [-1, +1] cloth
scale mail 400s (-1, -2) [-2, +4] metal
studded leather armor 250s (-1, +0) [-1, +3] leather
thick furs 300s (-1, -1) [+0, +3]
thin furs 100s
loincloth 40s [+0, +0] wool

Body armor materials


Material Weight modifier Special
wool 100%
silk 50%


Material Weight modifier Special
leather 100%
chaos mutant skin
demon skin
devil skin
wyrm skin
great wyrm skin


Material Weight modifier Special
iron 100%
steel 100%
mithril 80%
adamantium 70%
eternium 50%

Body armor prefixes

Body armor prefix Effect
beautiful Grants an appearance bonus
extra-heavy 4 times the normal weight
green Grants acid resistance (??)
gruesome Reduces charisma and appearance to 1.
heavy 2 times the normal weight
light Half the normal weight
swift Gives bonus to speed

Body armor suffixes

Body armor suffixes Effect
of heroism +1 to all attributes
of might +6 bonus to strength and toughness
of precision +n attack power
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