Levels in this skill grant bonuses to toughness, strength, and dexterity. At every level divisible by 10, athletics grants an additional +1 toughness. At every level divisible by 15, athletics grants an additional +1 strength. At every level divisible by 20, athletics grants an additional +1 dexterity. Note that unlike most other skills athletics' bonuses to attributes are based on the number of levels in the skill, not the total level in the skill (meaning that they are unaffected by willpower). The athletics skill may also train your attributes over time. This works only if you keep your PC from being starving, very hungry, bloated, or overfed because these statuses abuse your attributes much faster than athletics trains them; see hunger for more in depth information on these statuses.

Level Bonuses
10 +1 To
15 +1 To, +1 St
20 +1 St, +1 Dx, +2 To
30 +2 St, +1 Dx, +3 To
40 +2 St, +2 Dx, +4 To
45 +3 St, +2 Dx, +4 To
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