Attack Power

Attack power represents how accurate a creature's physical attacks are. Attack power is represented as 1dn (abbreviated as an attack power of n), meaning that a single physical attack will have an attack power between 1 and n. If this value exceeds the target's defensive value then the attack will land.

Creatures have a base attack power of 20, which is modified by strength for melee attacks or dexterity for ranged attacks (the modifier is simply added to attack power), level (this bonus depends on class), fighting with two weapons (-6 to right hand attack power, -7 to left hand attack power, but these penalties can be mitigated with ranks in the skill), tactics, items with (+x, +y) (x is added to your melee attack power, y is added to your ranged attack power), weapon skills with the weapon you are wielding, and other factors which have yet to be determined (probably including race).

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