Barbarians start the game with 4 additional levels in the survival skill, 2 additional levels in the alertness, athletics, and dodge skills, and 1 additional level in the herbalism, stealth, and swimming skills. Also, further levels in these skills are less expensive than normal. In addition, the climbing, fighting with two weapons, first aid, and woodcraft skills are less expensive to advance than normal. Typical starting items for a barbarian are: furs, a weapon, and leather boots (this varies depending on race). Barbarians get 2 levels in the weapon skill corresponding to the weapon they start with.

Level Class powers
1 Mighty blow (250% energy cost, 200% damage or 150% damage if barbarian is not the primary class, damage is doubled again for true berserkers)
3 1d4 bonus HP per level
6 +4 toughness
10 Tremendous blow (500% energy cost, 300% damage or 600% damage for true berserkers)
15 Moves faster (movement has an 80% energy cost)
21 +10 strength
28 +15 damage when berserk (double bonus for true berserkers)
36 Regenerates health 5 times faster (10 times faster for true berserkers)
50 Immunity to confusion, paralysis, sleep, and stunning while berserk
75 +30 speed while berserk (double bonus for true berserkers)
100 +30% bonus to all critical hit probabilities while berserk (double bonus for true berserkers)
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