Caves of Chaos

The Caves of Chaos are the main dungeon in ADOM II. They are found in the mountains towards the west of the Drakalor Chain. There are 50 levels in this dungeon.


The second level of this dungeon is always a maze.

Statue of Dycten Hauquin

Found of the level 3 or 4 of this dungeon, this statue is in honor of the first person other than Thomas Biskup to detect a bug in ADOM II.

Wizened old man

Found between levels 4-7 of this dungeon, the wizened old man sends the PC on a quest to gather elemental shards from nearby dungeons and to destroy the chaos gate.

Chaos gate

This is found on the 50th and final level of the Caves of Chaos. Using all 4 elemental shards on it destroys the gate and wins the game.

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