Listed weights are for medium sized equipment of the lowest quality materials. Different sized items have different weights.


Name UnID'd name Weight Base stats Special Base material
cloak of the beggar ragged cloak 50s {Ch-4, Ap-4} [-2, +0] Autocursing cloth
cloak of elvenkind thin cloak 1s {Ap+2} [+1, +0] Stealth+20 cloth
cloak of adornment mottled cloak 40s {Ch+1, Ap+4} [+0, +0] cloth
cloak of defense heavy cloak 40s [+2, +0] cloth
cloak of displacement fine cloak 10s [+0, +0] Reduces the attack power of all incoming attacks by the cloak's modifier cloth
cloak of heavy burden fine cloak 50s [-4, -2] Autocursing, drastically reduces carrying capacity cloth
cloak of protection sturdy cloak 40s [+0, +2] cloth
hooded cloak hooded cloak 40s [+0, +1] cloth
cloak of invisibility 40s [+0, +0] Turns PC invisible, greatly increases hunger rate cloth
cloak of the ghost black cloak 5s {Ch-4, Ap-8} [+0, +0] cloth
cloak of the spectre tattered cloak 10s {Ch-6, Ap-10} [+1, +0] cloth
cloak of the wanderer 20s
leather cloak leather

Cloak base materials


Material Weight modifier Special
wool 100%
silk 50%


Material Weight modifier Special
leather 100%
chaos mutant skin
demon skin
devil skin
wyrm hide
great wyrm hide
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