Commoners start the game with 8 additional levels in the survival skill, 4 additional levels in the food preservation skill, and 2 additional levels in the haggling, herbalism, and woodcraft skills. Also, further levels in these skills are less expensive than normal. In addition, the cooking, gardening, sailing, and swimming skills are less expensive to advance than normal. Typical starting items for commoners are: clothes, a weapon, and leather sandals (this varies depending on race). Commoners get 2 levels in the weapon skill corresponding to the weapon they start with.

Level Class powers
1 Carrying capacity is doubled (only 20% increase in capacity if commoner is not the primary class)
3 50% nutrition costs
6 +3 perception
10 +3 toughness
15 Better results when gathering herbs (effect impossible to determine with herbs unimplemented)
21 Can create iron rations from corpses
28 +6 strength
36 +6 willpower
50 50% less affected by corruption
75 +100 HP
100 +25 PV
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