Dark Elf

Dark elves are medium sized creatures. They start the game with 2 additional levels in the alertness, backstabbing, climbing, detect traps, fighting with two weapons, find weakness, imbue with power, intimidation, listening, necromancy, stealth, and survival skills. Also, further levels in these skills are less expensive than normal. They gain a +10 bonus to speed. All dark elves start with a potion of poison and a loaf of spider bread.

Class Notable starting items
Barbarian leather armor, 2 short swords (giving 4 levels of swords (1H)!), 5 potions of poison, loaf of spider bread
Commoner hooded cloak, short sword, dagger
Fighter mithril elven chain mail, short sword, dagger
Thief bracers of defense, clothes, leather cloak
Tinker -
Warrior Monk/Nun -
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