Fighters start the game with 2 additional levels in the athletics, dodge, find weakness, first aid, intimidation, and tactics skills. Also, further levels in these skills are less expensive than normal. In addition, the alertness and climbing skills are less expensive to advance than normal. The typical starting items for a fighter are: a metal cap, studded leather armor, a weapon, a kite shield, and leather boots (this varies depending on race). Fighters get 2 levels in the weapon skill corresponding to the weapon they start with.

Level Class powers
1 +30% PV from worn items (+10% if fighter is not the primary class)
3 Gets 150% of the normal DV bonus from dodge
6 Ignore half the weight of worn armor
10 Ignore any DV penalties of worn armor
15 Can execute a powerful bash attack (150% energy cost, chance to stun)
21 You are so skilled at using melee weapons that skill training costs are reduced by 15%
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