Fire giant

Description: These red and orange skinned oversized humanoids usually have flowing hair that greatly resembles a wild fire. They are very muscular and as destructive as the flames they prefer to inhabit. Regardless of their surroundings, their favorite method of destruction involves crushing or smashing.

This ancient race of giant is known for its ability to dwell and flourish in hot, fiery places. Fire giants are usually 18 feet in height, have dark skin, fiery red hair, and smell REAL bad! Fire giants tend to have a temper that matches the temperatures of their abodes.

You face two fairly smooth tree-trunks that are covered in a strange wiry red moss. A bit further up, the trunks unite, and above that… A great bearded face grins down at you, although you're certain the being isn't friendly disposed towards you; the pleasure is probably caused by finding a new plaything that can be thrown around and eventually sat upon if it squeaks too much.

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