Fortune Cookie Messages

Fortune cookies contain scraps of paper containing potentially helpful, deceitful, or funny information. If read while illiterate it will just say, "The paper contains some strange scribblings."

Message Meaning
"Care for more intelligent monsters."
"It takes an iron stomach to eat black dragon steak." Meaningless in the absence of dragons and steaks as of yet
"They say that converting an altar is difficult without losing ones faith." Hard to say given that its impossible to do as of yet
"They say that drinking holy water with bland rations make them taste better." Blessed rations give more satiation… which should be avoided like the plague given the dangers of overeating
"They say that Infinity does not permit to visit any place twice." A reference to the Infinite Dungeon, which is not implemented yet
"They say that it is good for your survival if you can't hear death coming." A reference to the banshee, which is not yet in ADOM II
"They say that kicking stairs might be bad for your health." In ADOM this could collapse the dungeon killing you, so far in ADOM II you actually can't kick the stairs
"They say that many cursed items cause bad luck." Every two cursed items worn will decrease luck
"They say that nobody ever heard the wail of the Banshee more than once." Another reference to the banshee from ADOM
"They say that skeletons like bones." In ADOM they were healed by giving them bones, in ADOM II this hasn't been implemented yet
"They say that the dungeons of mystery consists of 100 levels." The caverns of chaos in ADOM were originally called the dungeons of mystery, and had 100 levels
"They say that you need to be an expert climber to survive the great rift." In ADOM you need climbing 100 to enter the rift
"They say that you should not slow down in your final fight." In ADOM you want very high speed to fight Andor Drakon, also getting hit by writhing masses of primal chaos would slow you (speed is just as good in ADOM II)
"They say that you should wish for appearance." Only if you want to be as good looking as me (appearance is a fairly worthless attribute)
"They say that your piety depends on your disposition towards all gods of your pantheon." In ADOM your piety was tracked with each individual god in the pantheon (had some effects when switching gods)
"Those of Trollish Blood must drink from the Bloody Pool." No pools implemented as of yet
"To leave the animated forest you will have to reach the corner opposite the entrance." No animated forest is in the game as of yet
"Ye dost not need to find some kind of amulet to save the world." A reference to NetHack: the goal of the game was to attain the Amulet of Yendor
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