Giant bat

Description: These overgrown flying mammals attack by biting, using their exquisite hearing to guide them toward their opponent. They are hardier than they first appear, as their leathery wings and thick fur provide more protection than most would expect from such a nimble flier.

This nightly predator and larger cousin of the common cave bat can be easily distinguished by its light grey color. Although they are difficult to hit sometimes, a single strike or two should fell this critter. In some countries they are roasted over open fire as a delicacy, usually served with sweet potatoes and garlic sauce.

Hey, that’s almost fun! A bat with the wingspan of an eagle dropped on your head, covering it like a cape. But what’s that scratching feeling? Can it be…? With a disgusted shout, you hurl the animal away. It really tried to bite you, in spite of having weak, soft teeth. You’re determined to teach that pest a lesson.

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