Giant rat

Description: From a distance, you mistook it for a medium-sized short-legged dog, but as you get a closer look you can’t help but notice the rodent teeth, the clawed feet and the long naked tail and deeply regret you’ve come this close. Its grey-brow fur is soaked in dirty water and oil and some clumps seem to be crusted with blood. It regards you without a trace of fear and edges closer, maybe hoping for you to drop it a crust of bread, maybe hoping to get away with biting some of your toes off.

These huge rodents eat almost anything, and will quickly gnaw through a humanoid limb to drag it to its burrow for itself or its young. Like other rodents, they must constantly chew in order to wear away their front teeth, which never stop growing. While not greatly feared by most adventurers, they can be dangerous to the less experienced, especially if encountered in a swarm or in a diseased state.

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