Listed DV, PV, and weights are for medium sized equipment of the lowest quality materials. Different sized items have different weights.


Name UnID'd name Weight Base stats Special Base material
golden helm of teleportation engraved helmet 80s [+0, +1] Teleports the wearer at random intervals
helmet of stupidity {Le-9} [+0, +2]
great cap
orcish helmet black helmet 100s {Pe-2} [+1, +2] metal
metal cap metal cap 50s [+0, +1] metal
leather cap leather cap 5s [+0, +0] leather
horned helmet horned helmet 80s [+1, +1] metal
dwarven orc hunter helmet skull helmet 95s [+1, +3] Reveals the position of orcs on the level when blessed metal

Headgear materials


Material Weight modifier Special
leather 100%
chaos mutant skin
demon skin
devil skin
wyrm hide
great wyrm hide


Material Weight modifier Special
iron 100%
steel 100%
mithril 80% +1 PV
adamantium 70% +2 PV
eternium 50% +3 PV

Headgear prefixes

Headgear Prefix Effect
light Half the normal weight.
heavy Twice the normal weight

Headgear suffixes

Headgear Suffix Effect
of precision Increases attack power
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