Hill giant

Description: "Hey, Bosh, I smell some'in'. Somet'in' small and tasty." "How can ye even tink of food after dose ogres we just ate? I'm stuffed" "Maybe it's one of dose gnomes or hurthlings. We could have it as a whazit — ye know, to settle duh tum? A digestif, dat's what dah elf called it." "Yeah, she *was* tasty, too. Besides, dere's always room for dessert!" If the gods had wished to be visited by merchants, they would have given wings to the donkeys, and if the had wished the giants to brush their hair they would have given them brains so they could operate a comb. Of course, you haven't seen a winged donkey yet, and this huge humanoid has a tangled mane of hair. This race of giants is said to be a breed of overgrown but mentally retarded humans.

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