There are several status effects related to how hungry you are: starved, almost starved, starving, very hungry, hungry, normal (no special status), satiated, bloated, and overfed. You get more hungry over time, especially while travelling in the wilderness (since it takes a large amount of game time). Eating food makes you less hungry (note that especially nutritious food, such as raw meat for orcs and trolls, spider bread for dark elves, elven bread for elves, or corpses of big monsters, may change your status by more than one step).

The amount of food you need to consume in the wilderness can be reduced with ranks in the survival skill. Commoners and warrior monk/nuns gain class powers which reduce the amount of nutrition they need. Being heavily encumbered significantly increases the amount of food you need to eat.

States other than normal and satiated impose penalties to your strength, willpower, dexterity, toughness, and perception, and states other than hungry, normal, and satiated abuse your attributes over time. Thus, it is inadvisable to spend long amounts of game time in these states (avoid travelling the wilderness while you have a hunger status other than hungry, normal, or satiated).

Hunger level St, Wi, Dx, To, Pe Penalty Other effects
Almost starved -6 Sp-30, Le-3, Ch-3, Ap-3, abuses attributes, slows HP regeneration
Starving -4 Sp-20, Le-2, Ch-2, Ap-2, abuses attributes
Very hungry -2 Sp-10, Le-1, Ch-1, Ap-1, abuses attributes
Hungry -1 Sp-3
Satiated - Sp-2
Bloated -1 Sp-10, abuses attributes
Overfed -2 Sp-20, abuses attributes
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