Protective Value

Usually abbreviated as 'PV', a creature's protective value represents how hard it is to damage with physical attacks. Every physical attack against a creature has its damage reduced by the creature's PV (this may reduce the damage to 0, but will never result in negative damage).

Creatures have a base PV of 0, which is modified by toughness (+(To - 10)/8 PV, this is rounded down and the resulting modifier may be negative), race (mountain dwarves get +1 PV and trolls get +2 PV), items with [+x, +y] (y is added to PV and may be negative), rings of protection (the modifier of the ring is added to PV), and levels in the fighter and commoner classes.

Toughness PV modifier
0-1 -2
2-9 -1
10-17 +0
18-25 +1
26-33 +2
34-41 +3
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