Random Encounters

As you cross the wilderness there is a chance you will encounter groups of monsters. The type of group depends on the type of terrain you enter, although creatures that have followed you out of dungeons or settlements can be encountered in any terrain type.

Encounter Terrain types Creatures
gnoll war party plains, hills, mountain many gnolls, several large gnolls, 1 or 2 gnoll cheiftains
gnoll warband hills, mountain several gnolls, a few large gnolls, 1 gnoll cheiftain
group of bandits forest, hills, road several bandits, 0-2 outlaws
hill orc patrol forest, hills several hill orcs, a few hill orc sergeants
hobgoblin patrol plains several hobgoblin warriors, 1 or 2 hobgoblin leaders
horde of huge frogs swamp several giant frogs
horde of lizard men swamp several lizard man warriors, a few cave lizards
hunting party of hill giants hills
large jackal pack plains several jackals, 0-2 jackalweres
lone stone giant mountain 1 stone giant
outlaw band forest, hills, road several outlaws
orc patrol forest, mountain, plains, hills several orcs, 1 or 2 orc scorchers
orcish marauders forest, hills several orcs, a few orc scorchers, 1 orc chieftain
pack of cave lions mountain a few cave lions
pack of wolves forest, plains, hills, mountain several wolves, 1 or 2 dire wolves
pilgrimage of chaos monks several chaos brothers and chaos sisters
roving barbarians plains several barbarians, 1 or 2 barbarian leaders
skeleton patrol plains several skeletons
wandering brow bear forest, plains, hills 1 brown bear
wandering giant plains, hills 1 fomorian giant
wild boar 1 wild boar
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