Reading Item Descriptions
Notation Item effect
[+x, +y] modifies DV by x and PV by y
(+x, +y) modifies melee attack power by x and ranged attack power by y
{St+n} modifies strength by n
{To+n} modifies toughness by n
{Dx+n} modifies dexterity by n
{Wi+n} modifies willpower by n
{Ch+n} modifies charisma by n
{Ap+n} modifies appearance by n
{Ma+n} modifies mana by n
{Pe+n} modifies perception by n
{Le+n} modifies learning by n
{Sp+n} modifies speed by n

Note that {} will often contain bonuses or penalties to multiple attributes: in this case the modifiers are separated by commas (e.g. an item with {St+8, To+8} increases both strength and toughness by 8).

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