Rings do not come in different sizes: they fit all creatures, and always have a weight of 1s.

Name UnID'd name Effect
brass ring brass ring None
ring of acid resistance marble ring Grants acid resistance
ring of blunt trauma resistance sapphire ring Grants additional PV versus blunt damage
ring of clear sight iron ring
ring of cold resistance glass ring Grants cold resistance
ring of damage onyx ring Increases damage depending on the ring's modifier
ring of defense golden ring Increases DV by the ring's modifier
ring of fire resistance wooden ring Grants fire resistance
ring of grand skill mastery
ring of invisibility jade ring Turns PC invisible, greatly increases hunger rate
ring of luck copper ring Increases luck
ring of mental stability agate ring {Le+3}
ring of minor regeneration Boosts HP regeneration
ring of penetration resistance diamond ring Grants additional PV versus piercing damage
ring of protection silver ring Increases PV by the ring's modifier
ring of see invisible Lets the PC see invisible monsters
ring of shock resistance steel ring Grants shock resistance
ring of skill mastery pearl ring, diamond ring
ring of speed aquamarine ring Increases speed
ring of stun resistance electrum ring Grants stun resistance
ring of teleport control glowing ring Can control the destination when teleporting
ring of the clear mind fire opal ring
ring of unslashability intricate ring Grants additional PV versus slashing damage
ring of weakness {St-8}
wedding ring nograin ring
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