Shops are found in settlements, and contain many items guarded by a shopkeeper. You can buy items from a shop by picking them up and chatting with the shopkeeper. Using unpaid consumable items will add their price to your tab. The shopkeeper will block the door once you have unpaid items in your inventory or consume unpaid items. While the shopkeeper is alive, unpaid items will be identified. If a shop's goods are depleted the shopkeeper will summon more.

Dropping one of your items in a shop gives the option to sell them. Shopkeepers will only offer to buy items of the same type as they sell. Shopkeepers have a limited amount of gold, although this can obviously be increased by buying items from them.

If you leave a shop with unpaid items the shopkeeper will become hostile and summon thugs. These thugs coat their weapons in a potent poison. Unpaid items will remain unpaid until the shopkeepers death. Dropping an unpaid item outside a shop will return it to the shop. Note that the wall squares of shops are considered to be inside the shop.

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