The base cost of a skill is how much it costs to advance at level 0 with no special aptitude for the skill. Races and classes have aptitudes in certain skills, which reduce the base cost by around 50% (or more if both the race and class have aptitude in the given skill). This cost increases by 2 (1 if you have some aptitude with the skill) for every 5 levels in the skill, and by 1 or more points if the skill level is at least 5 levels higher than character level. The attribute modifier of the attribute associated with a skill is added to the total level of the skill and thus has no effect on skill costs (although for most skills it may cause the skill to be more (or less if the modifier is negative!) potent).

Not all the skills are implemented yet.

Skill Attribute Base cost Race/class exclusive Functions in 0.3.2
Alchemy Learning 10 Yes No
Alertness Perception 4 No No
Appraising Learning 6 Yes No
Archery Perception 6 No Yes
Athletics Willpower 6 No Yes
Backstabbing Dexterity 6 Yes Unlikely
Climbing Strength 4 No Maybe
Concentration Willpower 4 No No
Construction Learning 8 Yes No
Cooking Learning 4 Yes No
Detect item status Mana 10 Yes Yes
Detect traps Perception 6 Yes No
Diplomacy Charisma 4 No No
Disarm traps Dexterity 8 Yes No
Dodge Dexterity 8 No Yes
Fighting with two weapons Dexterity 8 Yes Yes
Find weakness Perception 8 No Yes
First aid Learning 4 Yes No
Fletchery Dexterity 4 Yes Unlikely
Food preservation Learning 4 No Unlikely
Gardening Learning 4 No No
Gemology Perception 4 Yes No
Haggling Charisma 4 No No
Healing Learning 10 Yes Yes
Herbalism Learning 4 Yes No
Imbue with power Learning 10 Yes Yes
Intimidation Willpower 4 No No
Law Learning 4 No No
Listening Perception 4 No Maybe
Literacy Learning 6 Yes Yes
Masonry Strength 4 Yes Unlikely
Metallurgy Learning 4 Yes No
Mining Toughness 4 Yes No
Music Learning 4 Yes No
Necromancy Mana 12 Yes No
Open locks Dexterity 6 Yes Yes
Pick pockets Dexterity 6 Yes Yes
Sailing Perception 4 Yes Maybe
Smithing Strength 4 Yes No
Stealth Dexterity 6 No Unlikely
Survival Perception 10 No Yes
Swimming Strength 4 Yes No
Tactics Learning 14 No Yes
Ventriloquism Learning 4 Yes No
Woodcraft Dexterity 4 Yes No
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