Sometimes abbreviated as 'Sp', a creature's speed represents how quickly it is able to act. The higher a creature's speed the more often it gets a turn to take a 100% energy cost action (for example, a creature with 100 speed can take twice as many actions as a creature with 50 speed, assuming they take actions with equal energy costs).

Creatures have a base speed of 100, which is modified by race (see table), dexterity (a positive modifier is added to speed, while a negative modifier is multiplied by 3 and then added to speed), encumbrance, hunger, items with {Sp+n} (increases speed by n), and levels in the warrior monk/nun class.

Race Speed Modifier
Common Orc +0
Dark Elf +10
Drakeling +0
Gnome +7
Gray Elf +10
High Elf +5
Hill Dwarf +0
Human +0
Hurthling +10
Mountain Dwarf +0
Troll -15
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