Tactical Settings

Characters can choose to fight in different tactical settings, which provide bonuses and penalties to attack power, damage, and DV. The tactical settings in order of least aggressive to most aggressive are: coward, very defensive, defensive, normal, aggressive, very aggressive, and berserk. The modifiers of these settings are influenced by the tactics skill (note that a negative tactics score, due to low learning can actually make tactical settings worse than normal). Fighting in the berserk tactical setting opens up the option to fight as a true berserker.

Tactical setting (with tactics skill at +0 total) Attack power Damage DV
Coward -4 -3 +4
Very defensive -4 -2 +2
Defensive -2 -1 +1
Normal +0 +0 +0
Aggressive +2 +1 -1
Very aggressive +4 +2 -2
Berserk +4 +3 -4
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